Recreation Possibilities

Ocna Sibiu and reputation attracted heliothermal because lakes formed in the place of old salt mines undermined. The massive salt is more salty lakes (former mines crash). Salt has been exploited since the Roman time, continue operating, leading to the formation of large underground cavern, which, by their fall, have formed the following lakes: Horea, Closca, Crisan, flax (ocna Joseph), Lacul fara fund (ocna Francis), Avram Iancu (Ocna Sea), Ocnita (Small Ocna), Sf.Ion (ocna Nepomuk), People, Sweet, Brancoveanu, Mateos, Vrajitoarele, St . Ignat, reedy, Austel. 10 lakes have salt water and fresh water lakes 4.

The continuous process of forming the mud, which contains among other vitamins B2, B12, C, E, PP, hormones and organic biostimulante, gives procedures applied here can produce antibodies, and a desensibilizare stable mineral balance in the body also treat chronic rheumatism in any of its evolutionary phases and a broad range of gynecological diseases.